Samsung PN64E7000 Review

64" 3D Plasma TV with Smart TV

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  • Deepest Black levels along with Panasonic Plasma
  • Warm, inviting colors pop from dark background in low light room
  • Depth Perception in low light rooms
  • Design Aesthetics
  • Samsung Smart Hub choices are best in market
  • Price/Value Offering
  • Good Sound Quality


  • Peak White levels and Brightness
  • Picture can appear dim in brightly lit room
  • Smart TV Apps can be slow to load/limited memory

Samsung PN64E7000 Plasma TVThe 2012 model of Samsung PN64E7000

Picture Quality Rating: 9.2/10

The E7000 series plasma television has the new impressive All Black Pure Filter, this technology from Samsung that is available exclusively in it's top tier plasmas. The 2012/2013 technology improves black levels and contrast by 10% over previous models. Higher contrast and black levels not only means darker blacks it also means improved color performance. One area that we like the Samsung top plasma panels better than the Panasonics is their smoother picture transitions and signal processing with less judder and background noise.

Contrast Ratio – Black Levels

If you were standing in the store looking at this TV side by side next to an LED TV set on Dynamic Picture Mode (peak brightness) you might think this was the dimmest TV you had ever seen. However, if you took the same TVs and put them in almost almost dark room, you would think this TV had one of the best pictures you had ever seen.

Since video-files generally consider black levels and darker rooms the proper environment for TV and movie watching, the E7000 series gets a high score. Black levels are very saturated as the “flower” picture above shows. You cant even tell where the black borders begin! Great black levels cause colors to pop more, thus giving you more picture depth. The overall contrast ratio is not high on this TV due to the restricted contrast and peak whites.


Realistic colors have always been a high point on Samsung's plasma televisions and with the new All Black Pure Filter the E7000 continues that. Colors on the PN64E7000 look like you would expect them to if you saw them off the screen, there is none of the over saturated look you find in many of today's LED and LCD televisions. SOme viewers may feel that the colors are a bit muted on the E7000 but we were quite impressed with them.

A vibrant shot from the NBA playoffs on the E7000

3D Viewing

The active 3D on the PN64E7000 is impressive, Samsung has improved the 3D performance on their televisions again in 2012 and paired with the new, light weight 3D glasses it is very immersive. There isn't any of the blurring or flashing we noticed in older models, colors pop, there is plenty of depth and the full HD detail really shows.

Features Rating: 8.9/10


The PN64E7000 is only 1.9 inch in depth, thin for a plasma. The bezel is about 1 inch wide and is a charcoal black color, the matte brushed metal look will not distract while watching movies or TV.

A good shot from even a lowly Netflix resolution on the E7000

Internet Options and Connectivity

The E7000 comes equipped with Samsung's newly expanded Smart TV suite for 2012. The app store has grown to 1500 apps this year and it continues to grow. We've done a very thorough examination of the Samsung Smart Hub Review which you can read here. Samsung's is the most thorough and highest rated of all the Smart TVs (Internet options) even though it does have its negatives such as slow load times for some Apps and limited memory and very slow browsing on the web browser.

Three strong negatives and it is still the best. There is a dual core processor included that is supposed to help with load times on Apps and allow you to use other functions at the same time, but it's still very slow from my perspective. Download apps to stream video from major providers like Hulu and Netflix, get news, sports, financial and weather updates or access you Facebook or Twitter acount directly from your television.

The new dual core processor built into the PN64E7000 allows you to multitask on your television. Keep your TV program on one part of the screen and use an app or the built in web browser on the other part. The E7000 also comes equipped with built in WiFi for easy connection to your home network.

Samsungs Smart Hub

Menu and Remote

The new menu is very similar to 2011s and is excellent. It's simple design is fast and easy to use and there is a well done pop out tutorial description for each function out to the right. Menu options are complete without going overboard. There is no dejudder control function on the E7000 series. We've mentioned the picture modes above in the HD picture section.

Audio Output Quality

Sound output quality and volume was impressive from the 15W X 15W speakers. Compared to most super thin TVs these days, sound from the PNE7000's speakers is much fuller with more base and better quality. There was plenty of volume to fill a large room at the 50% level. There are impressively 5 Sound Mode options whereas most TVs only have two. We have preferred the Clear Voice option in the past so give that one a try. The Standard mode is also good. Music was not great but we felt the sound quality was well balanced.

Bang for the Buck Rating: 8.9/10

While the Samsung 60E7000 is priced best in market, the 64” 64E7000 is a bit above the Panasonic TC-P65GT50 plasma and the LG 65LM6200 (LED-LCD TV). At $2700 it's a good value for sure, just not best in the market. There are not many 64/65” TVs in the market and perhaps this is why. You get good solid picture quality from this TV with perhaps the best picture in the market when viewing in a darker room environment. For a brighter room I would take a look at the two other models listed above.

Quick Specs

  • 1080p Full HD
  • Active3D Compatibility
  • Smart Hub
  • Full Web Browser
  • 58.5" x 38.8" x 13.8" with stand

Overall Rating: 9/10

The following video is of the D7000 series Samsung plasma from 2011, however we have reviewed the E7000 series hands on and feel picture quality characteristics and most features are very similar or the same as the D7000 series.

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