Samsung F8000 Calibration and Picture Settings

1080p 3D HDTV with Smart Hub LED TV

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F8000 Calibration Notes: Calibration was very accurate on the F8000. Right out of the box, the TV is set close to D6500K. We found that we liked using the Smart LED (micro dimming) setting so keep that in mind in your adjustments. Also, as noted in the full review, you will want to change the AutoMotion Plus feature depending on the programming you are watching. With most programming you will want to turn it off or at least the De-judder portion. With 3D and Gaming you will benefit from leaving it on. The Color Space needs no adjustments for a good calibration.

Samsung F8000 Calibration and Picture Settings
A television in the process of being calibrated before we begin our review.

Post Calibration Picture Settings

Picture Mode Movie
Backlight 16
Contrast 90
Brightness 46
Sharpness 3
Color 49
Tint G51/R49

Advanced Settings

Dynamic Contrast Off
Black Tone Off
Flesh Tone 0
Color Space Custom
White Balance (See Table)
10pt White Balance (See Table)
Gamma 0
Expert Pattern Off
xvYCC Off

Picture Options

Color Tone Warm2
MPEG Noise Filter Off
HDMI Black Level Low
Film Mode Off
AutoMotion Plus Off
Smart LED Off
Cinema Black Off

White Balance

R-Offset 24
G-Offset 25
B-Offset 25
R-Gain 23
G-Gain 26
B-Gain 25

10pt White Balance

Interval Red Green Blue
1 -3 -1 -4
2 0 0 -1
3 0 0 -1
4 -3 -3 -5
5 -3 -5 -8
6 -4 -7 -10
7 -5 -8 -10
8 -3 -6 -10
9 0 -3 -6
10 6 0 -8

Screen Adjustment

Picture Size Screen Fit
Samsung F8000 Post Calibration Information
As you can see, these results show that the F8000 is very well calibrated out of the box

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